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People often associate casino gaming with traditional favorites like poker, slots and blackjack; however, casino gaming encompasses much more variety.

Pai Gow is an ancient Chinese dominos game with strong superstitions. Today it can be found both online and at traditional land-based casinos around the world.


Keno is an exciting casino game offering multiple chances for victory. To play, players select any combination of numbers between 1-80 before turning their ticket in for drawing to determine if they won. Keno can be found in many casinos, bars, restaurants and state lotteries and is an ideal option for anyone wanting an easy gambling experience without investing too much effort or money into their bet.

Keno stands out as an ideal casino game for beginners as its easy and low house edge make it suitable for newcomers to gambling. Be mindful that when spending on Keno sessions you set a limit that doesn’t exceed it; never exceed this amount or play more than desired!

While Keno is typically found in casinos, it can also be enjoyed online at select websites. The rules of the game tend to follow those seen at live casinos with some variations in gameplay; such as straight bets or top/bottom bets available – though these changes will not alter odds or house edge significantly.


Roulette is a game of chance played on a large wheel with 37 or 38 numbered slots ranging from 0 and 00, including 0 itself. When the wheel spins, a small ball drops into one of those slots, prompting players to place bets on which number it lands on. Each bet type offers different odds; inside bets offer higher winning odds. Furthermore, bettors may wager on color of slot or numeric zone as well.

Roulette differs from other casino games in that you are pitted against only one opponent – the house. As its rules are straightforward and there are multiple strategies available, making it an excellent way for beginners to try their luck at casino gaming. But be warned; certain strategies carry high risks that could easily wipe out their bankroll!

Avoid losing money when playing Roulette by placing even-money bets only; these have the lowest house edge and provide consistent returns. Also limit how often you spin as even 10 spins could quickly drain your budget.

Some roulette players use betting systems like the Martingale or Labouchere system to increase their chances of success, such as doubling stakes after each loss in order to recover losses and eventually win back what was initially lost. Though these methods may help improve short-term success, they won’t improve long-term winnings.


Craps is an engaging table game requiring skill, strategy and the ability to read its layout. Players may place various bets that pay out well – some more so than others! While Craps may initially seem daunting or overwhelming at first, its rules are relatively easy to grasp – once comfortable with all the bets and their respective payouts a player will soon start playing like an expert!

Craps has gained in popularity thanks to the many ways players can win, with lower house edges on certain bets than others. Furthermore, players can customize their dice before shooting them and request table limit changes; many casinos even provide classes for beginners of the game!

Beginners at craps should start off by placing low house-edge wagers like pass line and come bet (with odds). These two bets provide more frequent wins and should help beginners build up experience as their bankroll grows. As players gain more experience they can experiment with other bets and increase their bankroll further – but remember there are no guarantees in casino gaming; any misstep can quickly drain it away; therefore it is vital that beginners set themselves a budget before starting to play – sticking within it should ensure a smooth playing experience and increase bankroll growth over time.

Pai Gow

Pai Gow Poker was invented by Sam Torosian of California Card Club in 1985 and can be played with seven cards from a standard 52-card deck with one joker added in. Since its introduction, Pai Gow Poker has become increasingly popular online casinos and sometimes comes equipped with side bets that increase player winnings when three, four, five-of-a-kind, straight, or flush hands occur.

Once dealt, players must form two hands (a five-card hand and two-card hand) that outrank those of a dealer’s two hands – known as front and rear hands respectively). If both front and rear hands succeed against both dealer hands, the round will end as a draw if one or both fail at beating each other; otherwise it is lost and money lost by one or both parties involved.

Though some gambling websites claim to offer betting systems that will beat the house edge and turn Pai Gow into a profitable game, such strategies often rely on fallacious reasoning. Due to its high variance nature, an extended session in Pai Gow can quickly deplete your bankroll; for this reason it’s wiser to play this casino game with smaller bankrolls than others such as video poker and blackjack; also remembering that most welcome bonuses do not count towards clearing with this particular strategy.

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