Top 10 Skywind Slot Games

Teddy Sagy, one of the masterminds behind Playtech’s success, founded Skywind as an experienced developer of high-quality online slots in 2012. All games created using HTML5 technology to work across devices seamlessly.

Games from this company feature various bonuses to keep players interested and engaged, such as wilds, free spins and stacked symbols.

Magnificent 7

Skywind Studios, founded by industry veterans in 2012, creates high-quality games designed to work across devices. Their games boast superior graphics while being simple for mobile playback.

Skywind Gaming’s 2016 reboot of the Magnificent Seven film stands as an outstanding example of its attention to detail, featuring stacked symbols, various Free Spin games and an exciting pick-a-prize codebreaker feature.

The Magnificent Seven slot boasts a generous jackpot that can be won by aligning seven stars on any payline. Furthermore, players can take advantage of bonus features inspired by movie characters and settings.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Skywind’s Star Trek-themed online slot game will surely please any fan of the famed TV series, recreating an experience similar to being aboard the Enterprise. With familiar themes and features resembling those featured in Star Trek itself.

The reels of Star Trek slot are filled with tricorders, phasers and cartoon versions of the crew members themselves. Lower value symbols offer up to 150x your stake for five of a kind while character symbols like Worf or Dr Crusher pay out up to 200x their stake while Riker or Data may offer as much as 750x.

Skywind games typically offer bonus features like Wilds, Free Spins and Multiplier Respins as part of the Megaways(tm) mechanic that increases the ways players can form winning combinations on each spin – increasing payout potential while adding to player excitement! This game features these benefits too!

Resident Evil

Skywind have accomplished the daunting feat of successfully adapting licensed slot games into slot machine format, such as Resident Evil 6 with its split screen display evoking dramatic special effects and impressive special effects.

This popular survival horror franchise follows four main characters as they fight a zombie/monster horde, offering authentic bonus features such as Transport Wilds, Multiplier Re-Spins and an ingenious pick-a-prize codebreaker system.

Skywind Games offer their games in various languages and currencies, as well as Megaways slots that feature random reel modifiers that create enormous payouts. If players wish to test their luck even further they can test out real money arcade mode or try their luck in real money arcade mode with real money wagers if desired – however unfortunately there is not yet an online live dealer casino from this developer! In spite of this many of their titles are compatible with mobile devices while most have switched from Flash technology to more universal HTML5 software solutions.

Combat Masters

Skywind Gaming offers casinos a diverse portfolio of innovative products and services, from popular branded slots to their live dealer hub. In addition, there are unique games with an emphasis on player experience such as Egypt Cash slot game.

Combat Masters offers one of the most stimulating online slot games. This game requires mobility and precision from its players as they must constantly move between left and right and up and down while shooting enemies left to right and jumping up and down to score points. It is essential for those seeking an engaging challenge to check out Combat Masters! This captivating online slot game requires agility and accuracy as players must move while moving left to right and up/down while playing, so perfecting aim while moving left/right/up/down may be key in success.

The game offers diverse worlds to explore in each level of this videogame, featuring fishy Qimir, rock monster Dromm and wise wizard as they move from Deep Sea to Floating Islands and Canyonland. Each environment also brings with it special power-up bonuses such as Paint Bucket (which turns random symbols into multiple versions of themselves) or Thunderbolt (which blasts away other symbols to trigger payouts).

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